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J Collins – Party Our Hats Off – Official Video

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About J Collins

J Collins



While Jay Collins is an accomplished writer, producer, publisher and singer, his soul really resonates as an entertainer, the inherent ability to capture his audience through his explosive moves and on stage vocal performances, keeps the crowds demanding more. Collins showmanship has been compared to everyone from Elvis Presley, Garth Brooks, and the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson. Collins is a fan based country/rock music artist whose lyrics pay homage to the working class hero.  Collins’ self-penned debut EP demonstrate an authentic musician that puts his spirit to rhythm, his heart to words & his humanity to harmony… With one hand in the past and the other reaching towards the future, Collins is quickly making his mark as an artist who can reach into the heart of America.

Growing up in a broken home on the streets of upstate New York, Jay learned quickly that he needed an outlet. He started putting emotion to paper in the form of poetry, at the age of 9.  While in a home for boys, the then 12 year old, picked up a guitar and his love affair with music began. It wasn’t until what seemed like a lifetime later that Collins was truly able to break through the walls and open the gift of melody and lyric that you hear today.

Collins moved to Nashville, in the fall of 2006, leaving behind family and friends to realize his aspirations and define his future in the music industry. In spite of its own array of hardships, Jay arrived in Nashville with high hopes and full of energy. No stranger to hard work, having worked construction, truck driving, and sales, Collins quickly took his place in the Nashville scene, attending writer’s night, open mic and ASCAP (AMERICAN SOCIETY OF COMPOSERS, AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS) meeting he could; all while still working, by day, as a sales man.

Success began to unfold as Collins EP “Green Means Go” was finalized between his new home in Jacksonville, Florida and Omni Studio in Nashville. With the new release of “Party Our Hats Off“, opportunity was finally catching up with talent. The world began waking up to Jay Collins, as radio stations one by one began to play his new single, “Party Our Hats Off”. In the middle of success, came tragedy for one of Jay’s friends, being close to Jay’s heart, the need to express awareness on the subject of “Domestic Violence” became of the utmost important pursuit, Jay then wrote the lyrics, melody and directed the video, for “Time 2 Talk” a tragically true story of domestic violence that ended in death. As the YouTube hits grow and the single “Party Our Hats Off” receives airplay, Collins is pushing forward harder than ever.

Jay has participated in the  2011-12 CMA Festival, as a featured artist, signing autographs and walking the red carpet for fans in Fan Fare Hall, sponsored by Durango Boots, Farm Boy Co. and Roper Apparel.

Jay has already shared the stage with many great artist such as, Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, and Jake Owen at the 2012 “Runaway Country Festival.” He’s also opened for Molly Hatchet, Chris Young, Colt Ford, Lo Cash Cowboys, as well as many notable others.

Jay was a featured Artist in the 2012 Frank Brown International Song Writers Festival, He currently represents sponsors: Bailey Hats, Farm Boy/Farm Girl. His management and booking’s are handled by Bassett Promotions out of Tallahassee, Florida.

J.Collins continues to pursue his ultimate dream of “changing lives through his music.” His concerts are not to be missed as he reveals the passion of both his song writing and the desire to entertain his fans, as only he knows how. With his career on the move on and taking each fan for a wild and unforgettable ride, everyone should get ready for the party.




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